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Sourdough Jesus

on March 2, 2016

I was recently watching a Docu-series on Netflix called “Cooked.” The 3rd episode (Titles “Air”) talks about bread and the history of it’s preparation. In the most basic explanation to the best of my abilities…

Bread started in Ancient Egypt. To the best of historians’ guesses, someone had some flour/wheat gruel and left it out for a few days. Someone must have noticed it bubbling and they decided to throw it in an oven and see what happened. Thus, bread was born. That is how it was done. People in the historical world mixed flour and water, let it sit for days, and then baked it in a communal oven. They made sour dough bread without a starter.

This got me thinking about Jesus. I am not a Christian woman, so stay with me and understand that nothing I say after this is meant to discourage belief, disprove their religion, or undermine their faith.

What if Jesus invented the Sour Dough Starter? Think about it. There is a story where he feeds 500 people with 5 loaves of bread. What if that bread wasn’t cook? What if it was still raw and therefore a sour dough starter?

Hear me out. Back then, it took a long time for bread to rise. What if he just sped up the process by dividing the loaves of uncooked bread and had people mix it with available flour. Those loaves would have risen pretty quickly instead of days later and the communal oven would have been baking up a storm of fluffy hunger-sating goodness. People back then did NOT have science and couldn’t explain what was happening. Having bread set and rise so quickly would have been AMAZING. Back then, the explainable was either witchcraft or a miracle depending on outcome. This amazing feat of near instant bread was a gift from god when you had 500 people.

AND to throw this further. It wouldn’t have been hard for him to put this kind of equation together…
“It was customary to grind the grain and bake fresh bread daily, and often the bread wasunleavened (Heb., mats·tsahʹ). The flour was simply mixed with water, and no leaven was added before the kneading of the dough. In making leavened bread, the general practice was to take a piece of dough retained from a previous baking and use it as a leavening agent by crumbling it into the water prior to the mixing in of the flour. Such a mixture would be kneaded and permitted to stand until it leavened.” (Source:

WHEN this method starts or what it’s origin is,  isn’t documented and by the time that Jesus and the gospels were written, it is likely that this would have just been the normal practice.

I’m not the only one to associate Jesus with Sourdough Bread. (
“A baker’s dozen attended the Last Supper, twelve disciples, and Christ himself. What was on the menu? Bread. Taking place during Passover, no leavened bread could be eaten, so sourdough was unfortunately not possible even though it doesn’t require any added yeast (what a shame). Instead Jesus offered the flatbread, curiously saying “this is my body”, predicted that one of his Apostles would betray him, and was crucified the next day. But, if a little dough was left over, and Christ himself had handled it, if it was cared for and nurtured, and allowed to sour with the same bacteria that was a part of Christ, it would become delicious, and most importantly, you could literally eat the body of Christ. Jesus Christ could still be living right now in a goopy dough, and blessing the palates of the fortunate when they eat their daily bread.”
Take that a bit further. WHAT IF THAT IS HOW THE WHOLE MESSAGE WAS SPREAD? What if they all got a bit of starter from jesus at the last supper,because the bread wasn’t leavened. So Jesus would have made that starter himself and like sharing it with the 500 people, he was telling his followers to share not only his message but FOOD with people. What would be a better way to help people listen? Feed them!  So the message wasn’t just
“Eat this bread because body and blood symbolism.” it was

“Take this bread starter, make bread for others and share with it in both method and message.”

Bam. Plausible.

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