Blue In Motion

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Moving and Waiting

on March 25, 2016

We had to leave our house. The neighbor finally reached the point of enough in my book. I am genuinely terrified of the man and I don’t feel comfortable staying in the house long enough to get the rest of the packing done when I’m alone. The insane drunk threatened my dogs. (Specifically stating that he intended to throw d-Con into our backyard to poison them.) After the other threats, almost running me off the road, throwing trash on my car, and shooting fireworks at our house over the last year… I’d had enough.

So now N and I live separately. I at my mother’s and N with her father. We have at least 30 minutes between us. N still works near where I currently reside, but we didn’t see each other much when we lived together. I’m alone a lot of the time. Neither of the dogs or the cat came with me. (Tiberius and Ganifish did tag along, but fish aren’t exactly cuddly.)

I do enjoy my space. It is nice to not worry about another person schedule, but I’m lonely. The next step is to either buy a house together or break up since neither of us want to move into another apartment. It’s another waiting game.

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